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The Best BBQ Meat for The Summer

Posted by admin_pasture 04/05/2022 0 Comment(s)

Nothing can stop us Brits from enjoying a summer BBQ; rain or shine, we'll be cooking. Beef is one of the most popular meats in the country. We've chosen our favourite cuts to please a crowd. When it comes to beef, buying high-quality meat makes all the difference in terms of texture and flavour. The weather has a big impact on when and how you grill. Most individuals will wait for a bright, warm day. That's fantastic, and if Just Meats inspires you, even better.

You won't be concerned about the weather if you genuinely want a fantastic BBQ. Just Meats provides meat to some of the greatest chefs in the region. In addition to meat, we sell a variety of items, ranging from baked pies to a broad selection of cheeses at our deli counter. All our items are sourced locally in Lancashire.We offer everything you need to create a spectacular barbeque, from outstanding burgers, ribs, and sausages to Just Meats unique BBQ meats.

This summer, beef up your grill with Just Meats following cuts:

A good burger is a barbecue classic that is tough to beat. Look for a variety of coarsely ground slices — this creates a nice texture and greatly accentuates the flavour. Serve medium-rare in a gently toasted bread with a slice of hard cheese like Ogleshield, which melts beautifully. Make some extras to help your guests customise their buns — lettuce, tomato, pickles, relishes. Our Burger Packs, which come in a variety of meats, are ideal for this.

170g/6oz Beef Burger

Lamb & Coriander Burgers

114g/4oz Beef Burgers

114g/4oz Chicken Burger

114g/4oz Steak Burgers

114g/4oz Pork & Apple Burger

114g/4oz Lamb & Coriander Burger

114g/4oz Lamb & Mint Burgers

Rib-eye steak
You may be more accustomed to eating rib-eye steak with fries and béarnaise sauce, but the marbling of fat throughout our 12x 10oz Ribeye Steak flesh makes it a great cut for the grill. Serve it with a few salads and potatoes or try creating a Pittsburgh 'Black and Blue' sandwich with the steak charred on the outside and rare in the inside. Serve the meat thickly sliced on a ciabatta bun with blue cheese dressing and salad leaves.

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